Monday, April 9, 2007

Added another diopter set Hoya +1, +2, +4

I saw a bargain on Ebay for a Hoya diopter set for under $10 so I bought it. Stacked with the Bower set it will give me a total of +14 diopter. About +8 equals approximately 2.5x power so with all the lenses stacked I should have about 4x power.

Here's a the Hoya compared with the Bower.

And a side view. The Hoya stack it a bit taller but they are interchangeable. In taking quick test shots I can't say I can see any difference in the quality of picture either set of lenses will take.


Rosemary said...

Good words.

Ki said...

Thanks, Rosemary. Hope the article was useful.